Focus Period 1: Multi-Agent Coordination and Estimation (Jan. 18–Feb. 19)

From an engineering perspective, the fundamental question for this focus area is: How do we coordinate the dynamics of many different agents, for example in the generator turbines of a power network or the cars in a vehicle formation? From a science perspective the corresponding question would be: How does nature do such coordination, for example in the synchronized light emitters of a laser or in the flocking of birds? The aim of the first focus period is to address the central issues of coordination, both from a mathematics and from an engineering perspective.

Visiting Researchers

Over 35 distingished international researchers will visit LCCC and the Department of Automatic Control during Focus Period 1.

Workshop on Multi-Agent Coordination and Estimation (Feb. 3–5)

The workshop will be held at the Pufendorf Institute at Biskopsgatan 3 in Lund (map). The workshop program is now available.